I have a lot of books in my library.  On top of the thousand plus dead tree books, I have an equal amount of electronic books either on one of my electronic readers or safely ensconced in the cloud.  Most of these books are about business and entrepreneurship.

My collection has been forming since the late 1980′s when I decided I wanted to start my own business.  In the early days of my entrepreneurial adventure, I devoured any information I could on how to start, grow and prosper with my businesses.  There is a ton of advice out there.  Some of the advice I received was good, some great, some lousy.  It was only through trying and experimenting did I find out what worked and what didn’t.

But the reality is, there is only one thing the entrepreneur needs in order to be successful.  And that is simply perseverance.

The simple truth is that the entrepreneur that keeps showing up day after day and doing the work to move her company forward will ultimately be successful.  Her business may (will) ultimately look nothing like the vision she had for it when she first started.  But that’s okay.  Because her goal never really was the manifestation of that idea that compelled her to get started.  Her real goal was freedom.  And she achieved it through perseverance.

Keep at it even if it looks as if all is lost.  Pivot if you have to but always keep moving.  A viable business model is out there somewhere waiting for you to find it.  Keep looking for it even when hope is all but lost.  That’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur.