Charleston, SC is ready to explode with entrepreneurial activity. New ideas, services and products are being developed everyday. And, like a powder keg of pent up demand these entrepreneurs need support from the Charleston business community. While government and non-profits can bring a lot of resources, none of them are as powerful as the strength provided by the business community.

The business community and it’s leaders can offer something priceless… knowledge through experience. There is no greater asset to an entrepreneur than knowledge and the business community has a ton of it. Of course, it’s mostly hidden in the minds of the leaders or in the systems that they have created for their enterprises. So, I submit the #1 way that we can grow Charleston businesses is by getting the brain power of the business community into the game.

By using these talented individuals as Mentors spread throughout our small businesses community we can accelerate growth. On day one of opening a business you have a lot of questions, such as how to incorporate, business structure, budgeting, marketing, and handling employees. These questions only multiply as you move toward the first phase. Then, many owners get stuck working in the business as an employee, unable to figure out how to replace themselves and still find the cash flow.

But, our business leaders have solved the problems in the past and have the answers. All we need to do is connect with them! That’s what Mark and I are focused on everyday connecting talented business leaders with the next great entrepreneur.  That is the definition of Mentor Capital.