FundingCharlestonOur first investment from SeedCharleston was no accident… it was This innovative crowdfunding start-up will connect Investors and Individuals in the Charleston community to growing businesses. And, we invested for very selfish reasons:

1) We like John Osborne, the entrepreneur behind it. And, we are selfish with our time and want to work with people we like. We want to find strong entrepreneurs that are focused on the goal even if the goal isn’t fully baked yet. Our theory is that a strong person will find the right business model with time and guidance, but the world’s best idea will go nowhere without the right person to implement it.

2) We believe there is an absence of seed capital for good ideas in Charleston. And, selfishly our company’s will provide some of those ideas and need funding. The beauty of SeedCharleston is that we will find strong ideas that need support from the community. We hope that over time each SeedCharleston funded company will be posting opportunities for additional funding on This will allow them to connect with their supporters, offer rewards they will appreciate and raise money for special projects to help them grow.

3) We will find talent and new SeedCharleston companies. The most selfish goal of all. We will be watching the projects and businesses on for those that are really supported by caring fans, friends, and groupies. We’ll be ready to jump on and provide it the extra guidance and capital it needs… because it probably has a strong passionate entrepreneur behind it.

Thanks for supporting, by doing so we are helping Charleston be a better place for Entrepreneurs!